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Karen Russell


The concept of public relations first hit Karen’s frontal lobe 23 years ago as she chauffeured consultants around London. Between client meetings at Canary Wharf, Cornhill, and further afield she asked question after question of the consultants as she drove. The result was a sliding door moment.

Inspired by their storytelling, strategy-driven, people-centric vision of PR life, Karen switched from a master’s in psychology to studying communications, marketing, and journalism.


Since those early days, she has lived in several countries, working for airlines, nations, and local governments; always focused on the art of messaging and knowing how to reach target markets.


Her passion for tackling concepts at a strategic and tactical level makes for a nimble team player, able to clearly articulate plans, create copy across subject, industry, and culture, and deliver results.


Raised in New Zealand, Karen is an explorer of all available worlds — inner and outer— so, when she’s not writing PR copy, you’ll find her reading, kayaking, walking up a mountain, [thinking about] running, meditating, and sketching—or working on her 73rd short story.

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