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In 2008, Penman PR was hired to launch Hardcore Computer’s Reactor, the world's first commercially available high-performance PC with total liquid submersion cooling technology. It was a killer Penman campaign that placed Reactor in every PC and tech pub imaginable. It was so freaking cool, it was also featured on G4TV Attack of the Show and it was selected to be in Tony Stark's dream lab in Iron Man II.  


Three words for this launch campaign:  Worldwide…Critical…Acclaim.


In 2013, the company refocused and rebranded as LiquidCool Solutions (LCS). Utilizing the same proprietary liquid cooling technology, the company entered the data center and Edge computing spaces.   



Penman continued its representation of the company and its executives, but switched gears to accommodate its new goals and markets. Penman continued to secure the attention the company and its executives required to move markets.


LiquidCool was named “Cool Vendor” for Data Center Infrastructure Management, Power and Cooling by Gartner. Frost & Sullivan recognized LiquidCool with its “North America Customer Value Enhancement Award in Data Center Cooling”, and went on to say “all users of LiquidCool Solutions' technology will enjoy cost-savings, environmental conscientiousness, ease of service, and demonstrated reliability.”


Because of the potential for this disruptive technology, Wells Fargo’s Innovation Incubator (IN2) Program selected LiquidCool Solutions to participate in the program to further develop and accelerate commercialization of its cooling system. Its technology was tested by the Energy Department’s National Renewable Energy Laboratory (NREL) which validated LCS technology saying it, “… offers a cost-effective, highly-scalable solution to reduce the energy impact of data centers in commercial buildings.” 

LiquidCool is so cool, we use our pre-event planning and promotion for SC14 as a case example of exactly what to do prior to a large-scale event. It’s a great story:  We began planning in June for the November event. We scoured and exploited every opportunity available. Months prior to the event, the company’s VP of sales joined the HPC Advisory Council. This provided substantial inside information and opportunities not available to most exhibitors. We submitted LCS technology for special sessions. We drafted and pitched a press release that alerted the media of LCS’ participation in the event, which resulted in an article in Wired magazine.


During the event the Wired article was used as a credibility booster. While there, in addition to meeting with customers and partners, they met with four industry analysts and nine journalists. Post event, they were covered in Data Center Knowledge, Inside HPC,, Inside Startups, and Data Center Post

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