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Pulbic relations services
"Kudos to Penman PR for being persistent in just the right kind of way."    
- Michael Belfiore
Bloomberg Businessweek

Public Relations &

Corporate Communications

We’re not the type of PR firm that leans to gimmicks and we don’t waste time with ambiguities, introspection or gray areas.  Rather we are decisive and unwavering in our pursuit to win. We’re straight shooters that work on the end game first. We maintain laser focus on two key elements:  strategy and tactics. The strategy justifies your choice of issues and outlines the overall business objectives, and the tactics relate to the PR actions we put into play to make it all happen.

Our PR services include but are not limited to:


Communications strategy

Program development

Company, product and service launches

Reputation development and brand management

Media and analyst relations / placement

Editorial services

Media training

Corporate communications

Digital / social media strategy and execution

Issues and crisis management

Communications audits

Speaking engagements

Industry awards

In short, we can manage and orchestrate any communications aimed at creating favorable point of view among your stakeholders.

Get engaged...

Our engagement process is quite simple. After a discovery session, we will be armed with a strong comprehension of your:


1) short- and long-term business objectives

2) target audiences

3) unique differentiators; and

4) competitive landscape.


We will then do our due diligence and write a comprehensive proposal of services. This is where we work for you for free. Our proposals are long and comprehensive. If we've done our job properly, the proposal will address all your PR needs, provide you with a solid PR strategy and tactical plan, and give you all the information you require for contracting with us.


Get in touch set up a discovery call at your convenience.

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