"I’m impressed by your whole presentation and attitude. The PR business could use a little vibrancy and you sure seem to bring that in spades."     
- Larry Coffman
Publisher, marketingnw.com & LINK

Founded three weeks after 9/11, Penman PR breaks the old PR model of deep hierarchies, big egos, and humongous retainers. Instead, the firm is teamed with seasoned professionals with strong business backgrounds that can take the PR bull by the horns. Not only do our revered executive practitioners treat editors and reporters with respect and provide them with the services they need in a fast, professional manner, we've earned a special place at the elbows of the CEOs we represent by providing much needed strategic counsel.

Our ability to strategize defines our advanced intellectual status; and our ability to implement that strategy has defined Penman PR as a great firm. Executives love to have someone besides themselves strategizing about their organization for the purpose of winning in the marketplace. We’re thrilled to be the ambassadors of those brands. 



...we are the Delta Force of the public relations world. We’re a small, elite team that always gets the job done - and we love doing it. We’re way more than just a bunch of PR flacks ... We are a ridiculously talented, well-rounded team of PR pros who are uniquely skilled at creating and managing tough and dynamic PR campaigns. Our work product is underscored by our saucy attitude and competitive approach.

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