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Penman PR occupies a distinctive niche in the public relations landscape. As one of the most innovative independent PR firms in the nation and the only international public relations firm to offer 100% senior-level representation, we provide a flexible and supportive business model that provides the opportunity to optimize success. Although our business model is unique to public relations, it’s not at all new. It’s been used for decades by residential real estate firms, insurance agencies, stock brokerage firms and a number of other service industries.

What we offer is not a job, but a remote results-based business opportunity.


We enjoy people who can connect with prospects, clients and influencers and who are comfortable making things happen behind the scenes. For those who have an entrepreneurial spirit but are not interested in going it alone, Penman PR may be the perfect choice.

Penman PR is seeking professionals across the U.S. who are interested in transferring their knowledge into a career in public relations. We are looking for individuals who:

  • Have a minimum of six years business management experience

  • Possess the ability to organize, operate and assume the risk of running a small business with a keen focus on customer service

  • Can demonstrate proven success in driving business results; and 

  • Employ aggressive thinking, are articulate and creative and have the ability to bring new ideas to the table every day.

If you feel like you fit the profile, start the process. Send your CV or resume to Penman PR

No previous PR experience is necessary. In joining us, Penman PR will provide you with the knowledge you need to succeed as a qualified PR practitioner. 


Work wherever you want, whenever you want and enjoy true work / life balance. 

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