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Congratulations on taking a bold next step.

To be considered, we ask that you provide the following

along with your cover letter:

I. Resume

II. References

Please provide the names, your relationship, and the

contact information for two executive-level references

with whom you have worked.

III. Writing Samples

Please provide two samples of your professional writing.  

IV. Questionnaire

Finally, we request that you answer the following

questions regarding your perception of business issues:


1. What is your theoretical orientation in business?


2. What is your ideal work environment?  


3. What are your professional goals for the next five years?   


4. In the last year, what was the most important thing you learned professionally?   


5. What areas do you believe you could improve in?


6. What is the most challenging aspect of the job for you as an executive?


7.  What do you believe will be the most satisfying thing about being a PR executive?  

8. Describe something you have passionately and successfully promoted and the steps you took to make it happen. 


9. What’s one assumption people make about you that is dead wrong?

10. What is one truth you believe in that most people disagree with you on? 


Apply by sending your information here.


We hope you find this offer compelling.  We look forward to receiving your reply and additional information.

Working From Home
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