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An irreverent, entrepreneurial executive with an appetite for shaking things up, Patti founded Penman PR three weeks after 9/11. She is simultaneously intense and laid-back, which is a refreshing change from public relations’ traditionally conservative culture. Her penchant for disruption creates a unique space for Penman PR’s style of executive representation in ways no PR antecedent could.


As the managing executive of Penman PR, Patti straddles a divide between business and sass. Although all the company’s PR campaigns are purpose-built for each executive and seriously executed, Patti does not come across as a “suit” in her appearance and manner. Her uniform is a t-shirt and distressed jeans; she listens to soul, blues and metal to pump up for work and her conference calls are typically taken while poised on a balance board.


In spite of her irreverence, Patti has a passion for complex technologies and has actively engaged in several nanotech organizations. She is the former editor of NanoExpress News and columnist for Nanotechnology Now. She is a founding member of Nano Advancement Center and founding strategic advisor to Nanotechnology Research Foundation. She has authored several articles on small tech, including “Issues and Strategies for Marketing Nano Inside" Issue 5.4, Nanotechnology Law & Business.

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