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Penman PR Celebrates

19 Years


Wilmington, NC / Washington D.C. (October 15, 2020) Penman PR is celebrating its 19th anniversary this year. The public relations firm specializing in complex and disruptive technologies and companies is looking back proudly at its milestones and its history of helping small and medium companies succeed.


In 2001, Penman was launched as BlabberMouth PR; the seriously fun public relations firm celebrated for providing 100% senior-level representation to various industries. The company was designed to set the PR industry on its ear by creating a new set of benchmark standards for PR practitioners. Executives responded, making BlabberMouth’s campaigns a much sought-after commodity. 


During the early years, the BlabberMouth name was widely embraced. BlabberMouth was recognized by the University of Texas at Austin Department of Marketing as an example of how to develop a brand successfully. It was whimsical, sticky, and fun yet offered considerable benefits to its clients. 


Times change, and in 2007 there were whispered protests about the name. To appease a more serious audience, BlabberMouth became Penman PR. The executive practitioners continued to specialize in reinforcing its clients’ visions, connecting employees to their businesses, fostering process improvement, facilitating change, and driving business results by influencing audiences’ behaviors. The firm maintained, and continues today, to be industry-diverse, focusing on clients’ business objectives - and is still one of the most innovative independent PR firms in the nation and the only international public relations firm to offer 100% senior-level representation.   


“Penman PR proudly continues its 2001 model of providing seasoned, single-person representation, accountability, and top-notch efficiency,” said founder and managing principal, Patti D. Hill. “But we would not have realized 19 years had it not been for our clients who put their trust in us.”


Penman PR has amassed some very impressive testimonials from both clients and media, which are sprinkled throughout the Penman PR site, and its case studies are a testament to the efficacy of its services. When Penman PR began representing Houston medical device company Procyrion, they were unknown and had just received $175k in Texas Emerging Technology Funds. With its latest venture capital round of $30 million, Procyrion has raised more than $50 million since Penman began representing them. Penman PR helped a nanotech company increase its stock price by 566%; positioned another for acquisition; and was instrumental in helping the Czech Republic increase its foreign direct investment. When Penman PR started representing Montreal-based Emovi, manufacturer of KneeKG, they had no U.S. presence. They are now quite prominent throughout the states and are endorsed by an NFL football star. 


“Nineteen years is an incredible milestone and the firm has never faltered, staying true to its initiatives, creativity, and tenacity,” said managing partner Dana Summers. “Over the years, we have had the privilege to work with the best PR executives in the industry and the most innovative and loyal clients. Without them, we wouldn’t be celebrating today.”


Penman PR is also unique in its hiring practices. It is a firm that seeks and attracts professionals whose academic and career accomplishments place them at the top of their profession. This practice has created a diversified knowledge base within the firm in multiple disciplines, including psychology, hospitality, law, information technology, training, marketing, manufacturing, etc.


Hill and Summers are proud of their thought leadership and are pleased to share their perspective on public relations for technology and medical devices in the following articles:





About Penman PR

Penman PR is differentiated by its services, leadership, methodologies, and notable achievements – and the company’s edge, energy, and power are as profound as its history. Founded three weeks after 9/11, old PR practices were discarded in favor of those that embrace innovation and entrepreneurship. The company’s seasoned and polished PR professionals understand clients’ and media needs and are well known by both for its home-run plays. 

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