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Penman PR FDI
Penman PR Foreign Direct Investment

CzechInvest is the agency of the Ministry of Industry and Trade for Czech Republic. As it prepared for its accession to the European Union, CzechInvest engaged in an assertive PR campaign through its U.S. offices to boost the Czech Republic’s economic and professional landscape.


The Czech Republic has long benefited from universities with strong math, engineering and information technology faculties which date back to its communist era, when the Soviet Union sought such skills to fight the Cold War. Unbeknown to the rest of the world, the country has a highly-educated workforce, but because the country was governed by inertia and a lack of forward thinking, those skills were sorely unexploited.


Penman PR designed and implemented a campaign that communicated the country’s advantages to the global community. By engaging some of the U.S. most influential media outlets, including New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Newsweek and other print, digital, mobile, video and audio platforms, our PR efforts did – indeed - move the needle and made an impact. 


The Czech Republic accumulated $60 billion in FDI during the years surrounding accession to the European Union lead by world-class technology corporations, including HP, IBM, Sun Microsystems and Dell. The country established a reputation as a technology hub, and in 2012, the Czech Republic became a net exporter of technology and digital related products.


Today, Charles University, based in Prague and one of the oldest universities in the Europe, has an internationally recognized reputation in information technology. 

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