A former TV features reporter for 20 years, there isn’t a hospitality hat she hasn’t worn, nor an award she hasn’t won for writing and producing. 


Candice cut her teeth in Public Relations working for Mickey Mouse in Orlando, Florida. She helped launch Walt Disney World’s social media, and she started the Walt Disney World News Bureau, which provided content for broadcast stations across the nation and the globe. In addition to providing PR for all four parks and the countless restaurants and resorts in the Kingdom, she provided media training for numerous executives.


Candice also represented the City of St. Augustine and its attractions and introduced and showcased the manatees of Citrus County, Florida, to the world. She has been spokeswoman for dozens of nonprofit organizations and a huge advocate for Naval Air Station Jacksonville, who let her fly with the Blue Angels and drive a Trident Nuclear Submarine. She has also represented the gaming industry; she put the St. Louis Realtors member-organization on the map; has written extensively for hospitals; and rebranded a University. Most recently, she has walked many restaurant clients through Covid while writing three monthly newspaper and magazine columns on real estate, dentistry, and restaurants.


Candice works by one mantra:  When you win, she wins.

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